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A little story on who I am...

Born and raised in the Bay Area, my first passion in life was volleyball. Playing competitively since I was 11 years old, I dedicated my whole self into mastering the sport. As a four-year varsity athlete and a member of the USA boys junior olympic team, I was recruited to play in college for UC San Diego. My dreams of playing Division 1 Volleyball were finally realized, and yet something was left unfulfilled. Was this all I ever will be? Is volleyball it for me? Definitely not. 

After my first year, I decided to quit the sport I fell in love with and find who I was away from the sport I put most of my identity into. I decided to study abroad in Greece for half a year, traveling throughout Europe to see the world, feel some culture. I fell in love in love with the way people lived there. A reverence for time, indulging in living to the fullest. I finally started to learn how to pay attention to things other than school and volleyball techniques. I learned how to dress from the chic girls in Paris. I learned to pay attention to where my pants hit my ankle in Milan. I began to copy the coolest people I could find in the streets. 

My final years of undergrad were met with Covid - forcing me to decide my career after UCSD. I thought law would be a responsible pathway to follow - my parents would be happy and I could spend lockdown studying for the LSAT. I applied for the next cycle and was accepted to school in my dream city: New York. I decided to move across the country in the middle of a pandemic for this next chapter of my life. 

When I first moved the city, I really focused on school and the gym - secretly wanting to live a double life as a model and law student to "help pay for my law school." I knew nothing of the modeling world, but I had a deep reverence for fashion. After getting my first test shoots in with the help from Nomad, I landed at Crawford Models, which allowed me to be thrust into the world of castings and the infamous "holds" that would keep me up at night. I fell in love. I picked up every fashion magazine I could afford (unfortunately my taste was quite expensive with Self-Service, Purple, and CR being my absolute must-reads). became my newest obsession-looking at the latest campaigns, editorials, and show lists. I also signed right away to I Love Models in Milan, and spent my summers there learning (the hard way) on how competitive the European market is. I fell in love even more.

After Crawford, I had a brief 6 months with Muse, landing some fabulous editorials and even better friends along the way. In fact, the stylists and photographers I met on-set would be my weekly hangout crew, grabbing overpriced matchas at Matchaful and talking about our wishlists and opinions on just about everything. Now, three years later, I find myself studying for my last set of finals ever. I am so deeply in love with modeling and fashion, taking every single fashion-related course my law school had to offer (we have the best fashion-law program in the country, so this is no small undertaking). I want to be more creative and follow this little voice in my heart telling me to trust in fashion and give up the security law has to offer. I may be the dumbest person for following that voice, but here I go ... ready for what's next in my career in fashion. 

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